The Lord's Amazing Grace that Saved Me from Severe Pulmonary Tuberculosis at the Threshold of Death

| Manmin News No. 0 | 2005-11-13

Sister Jookyung Han (Hallelujah Praising Team/2nd Canaan Mission)

Diagnosed with Severe Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Since childhood, I had always loved to sing praise songs and aspired to serve God with praising. God answered my prayer and I became a member of the Hallelujah Praising Team of Manmin Joong-ang Church's Performing Arts Committee, and gave glory to God by helping Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee with his ministry through my praising.
As I always had firsthand experiences of God's marvelous power whenever I went on overseas mission trips, I was deeply touched by the genuine love of Rev. Dr. Lee who shed much tears in prayer for countless souls all over the world. Through that experience, I vowed to devote myself only to magnifying the Lord.
Then in November 2003, while preparing for performances at "The 2003 Russia Miracle Healing Festival with Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee," I felt unusually fatigued. I lost strength in my body while dry coughs continued without an end. I had lost so much weight that in the end, at the advice of people around me, I went for a diagnosis.
"It's severe pulmonary tuberculosis," the doctor told me. "Unless you are hospitalized and begin receiving treatment right away, the tubercle bacillus could spread to your brain, liver, and kidney, and you could die. Because your lungs are damaged beyond repair, I don't believe you'll be able to sing again."

Discovering Myself and Rending My Heart in Repentance

My condition continued to deteriorate. Each time I coughed, I felt as though my ribs were being shattered and someone was stabbing me with a dagger. Breathing became an excruciating task. As I vomited whenever I saw food and was unable to sleep from hyperthermia, I lost much weight.
On four occasions I threw up blood but as I drank the Sweet Water of God's power each time by faith, I experienced the gush of bleeding stop. My torment was not limited to my flesh. For other people can be infected by the tubercle bacillus carried in the air, I had to be completely isolated from the rest of my family and everyone else.
In the loneliness and "the looks" of people I received in the midst of God's test I endured, I discovered within myself arrogance and tasted discouragement and frustration for the first time in my life that had always been filled with people's love. Like Job from the Bible, I'd come to realize that I was discovering the evil in my nature which I could not have unearthed on my own.

Coming to Believe in God's Power That Can Even Raise the Dead

From the depths of my heart, I realized what a great blessing it was to have good health and how precious it was to be able to breathe, pray, and praise.
Although I had grown so weak to a point that I was unable to take a single step, on Fridays and Sundays I attended worship services with the assistance of people around me. I felt as though a very thin yet firm rope was pulling me to the sanctuary, and I just knew it was the Lord's intercessory prayer and the shepherd's prayer of love and tears.
Then one day, I felt that God could take me at anytime He saw fit so I made a request to my mother. "Do not put me in a coffin when I die," I told her. "But bring me to the Senior Pastor. When he prays for me, I can come back to life."
I also prayed earnestly to God my Father. "Please give me a chance, Father. Please give me one last chance to render to my shepherd and my family for their tearful prayer and all the brothers and sisters for their love and grace and to praise You. Whether I live or die, I belong to you, Father. Reveal Your glory through me…"

Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's Visit and Receiving His Prayer

- Sister Jookyung Han receiving Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer

On the last Friday of January 2005 was the monthly divine healing meeting during the second part of the Friday All-night Service. I participated in the Service on the Internet at home because my condition had deteriorated so terribly that I was unable to go to church that evening. After the Service, the Senior Pastor visited me at home. As he sowed faith in me and prayed for me, I could escape danger. The Senior Pastor had been led in his heart, 'If I don't pray for her, she could die,' and visited me in the early hours of that Saturday.
After I thus escaped death, some time in March 2005 I'd come to learn that the Senior Pastor was harboring me in his prayer, and the very next day I experienced something truly remarkable. I told my father, "Dad, I want to have some chicken!" I could begin eating - and eating well - the food that had been so abominable in my sight. I could definitely feel my body strengthened while the frequency of coughing gradually decreased and eventually stopped without my knowing.
I also saw the Senior Pastor twice in my dream. In the first, he prayed for me to be strengthened and cleansed, and in the second one he carried me beside quiet waters in which I washed my body. Afterward, I recovered rapidly; I gained more weight than before the time I was ill and could now move about on my own.

An Astonishing Miracle of Complete Healing

In order to medically confirm this wondrous healing, in May 2005 I underwent a medical-checkup and learned of the result three months later. "All tubercle bacillus have disappeared. Everything looks clean now."
The doctor was stunned to see how healthy I had become again. As I left the hospital, I felt like I was walking on a cloud. A miracle beyond man's comprehension had just taken place. Hallelujah!
I couldn't contain my excitement and went to the Senior Pastor's residence to give glory to God with the testimony of my healing. The Senior Pastor was all smiles and delighted in my healing more than I was. People who had always seen me being carried on backs of others seemed simply amazed while fellow Hallelujah Praising Team members also rejoiced with me, saying, "We knew you would overcome by your faith and come back to us!"

Now a Devoted Praise Servant, Desiring Only for New Jerusalem

During the Evening Service on September 4, 2005, I praised God alongside "Hallelujah" members for the first time since my healing. I hadn't planned on it but that day also happened to be my birthday. Father God had given me the best birthday present!
On October 16, about 17 months after falling ill, I was able to magnify God with a solo performance. "Amazing grace! How sweet the sound! That saved a wretch like me!" After such a moving performance, the applause from the congregation didn't seem know its end. For me, I had difficulty carrying on with the praising as I was enraptured in God's love.
Each day feels like a dream. I hope to become a true praise servant, sharing the love I received and experienced with many more souls.
I give all thanks and glory to Father God who has given me a steadfast faith through a test that went back and forth between life and death and allowed me a new life. I also thank Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee for harboring me in his prayer.

- As a member of the Hallelujah Praising Team, Sister Jookyung Han has given glory to God in "Overseas Crusades with Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee" in Uganda, Pakistan, Kenya, the Philippines, Honduras, India, Russia, and Germany

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