“I was completely healed of kidney and shoulder pain.”

| Manmin News No. 667 | 2020-03-01

Deaconess Oortnasan (Age 44, Mongolia Manmin Church)

In 2010, I had my whole body swollen followed by high pressure, headache, and bad eyesight. I was told in a hospital that the kidney infection was so serious that I should not move.

Recently I worked too hard, which made the kidney pain worse. Moreover I had shoulder pain as well.

On January 31, during the Divine Healing Meeting when I received Pastor Soojin Lee’s prayer with the handkerchief of God’s power, my heart became calm, and the kidney pain disappeared. Since then, there has been no pain at all. I was healed of shoulder pain, too. Now the more I work, the stronger I become. Hallelujah!

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