My Life Turned Around By Love on the Cross

| Manmin News No. 637 | 2019-04-14

Maxim Chubachuk(24, Moldova Manmin Church)

I went to church since childhood. I played in the Christian Orchestra, too. But going to church was just a habit and I lived in sins. Sometimes I wanted to stop sinning and repented, but I couldn't control my sinful desires.
One day, I met Brother Alexander Tabaranu in the Orchestra. He had turned into a devout Christian since he heard the holiness gospel. One day in 2014, he asked me many questions. They were from The Message of the Cross preached by Rev. Jaerock Lee.
"Why did God make the tree of knowledge of good and evil?"
"Why did Jesus wear the crown of thorns?"
"Why was Jesus nailed through His hands and feet?"
I found the questions interesting and I wanted to find out the answers. After I heard the answers to them, my yearning for the truth was set ablaze.
He gave me sermons and books of Rev. Lee and I listened to The Message of the Cross. I was filled with joy and happiness. I realized it was the true word of God and registered in Manmin Central Church on the Internet. I tried to live by God's word.
I learned more of Rev. Lee's messages and shared them with my family and friends. Next year, my mother and sister also registered in the church. Hallelujah!

My mother Natalia Chubachuk had bacterial eczema that constantly produced infection and drainage on her hand. There was also bleeding.
Once she was admitted to the hospital for 5 weeks. The doctors said there was no cure. She had to take medicines all the time.
While listening to the sermons, she heard Rev. Lee saying, "You can cast away sins through fervent prayers, and you'll be set free from diseases to the extent that you are sanctified." She believed it and prayed about it every night. Then she received Rev. Lee's prayer for the sick on video, and her hands were made clean, without any medicines!
Furthermore, once she had fever and lethargy. She had to lie on bed all day long. However, she recovered and got up right away after receiving prayer for the sick of Rev. Lee.
Since she was healed of her bacterial eczema that she'd had for 23 years, she has been doing voluntary work in the church dining hall and carrying out the work of evangelism. My sister is a member of the dancing team, and I am working as a broadcasting engineer in the church.
When I heard about the importance of holiness, I believed there'd be guaranteeing works of God if the word came from God, and if it didn't, there wouldn't be any following work.
And God has been showing us amazing signs and wonders through His power. I am sure the holiness gospel is genuinely God's. When I tried to put into practice what I learned from Rev. Lee, I realized the true love of God and received resolution to the problem of sin, which resulted in change in my life.
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father and our Lord who give us only good things, and I also give thanks to the Senior Pastor for leading us to the truth through the word of life.

Healing of Bacterial Eczema of Natalia Chubachuk

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