I Have Been Healed of the Excruciating Pain in My Abdomen after Receiving "Prayer for the Sick" on GCN!

| Manmin News No. 74 | 2006-05-28

Young-goo Choi (68, Chungjoo Manmin Church)

I think my son Deacon Ki-hyuk Choi and his wife are truly faithful children to me and my wife. I know that their preaching about salvation, eternal life, and heaven to my wife and me is not an expression of their true love for us.
After reading Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's testimonial memoir Tasting Eternal Life before Death my son had left behind on one of his visits to see us, I was sincerely touched by it and began attending church on July 24, 2005. Afterwards, I installed the GCN programming receiver at home and have been watching Manmin TV, and I am so thankful to have experienced the power of God manifested in the name of Jesus Christ.
Around 2:30 in the morning on January 22, 2006, my body felt like it was being twisted against my will and the right side of my urinary bladder felt like it was being pierced by something very sharp. Unable to control my body, I tried tossing about in the bed but the pain remained.
I tried going to the bathroom and kept tossing about, but all I could do was to sweat from head to toe and moan in excruciating pain.
Around 3:25 in the morning ? about an hour after the pain in my abdomen began ? I told myself I should receive the Senior Pastor's prayer. I turned on the TV to find the rebroadcast of "Manmin Magazine," a program that gathers news around the church, features a testimony of a Manmin member, and is shown during every Friday All-night Service.
In the rebroadcast, the Senior Pastor began delivering his message at 4 a.m. As the pain in my stomach grew even worse, however, I was unable to watch the GCN programming. A little more time passed and when the Senior Pastor began praying for the sick after the message, I placed my hand on my stomach. After that I fell asleep.
I got up around 6 that morning and realized that the excruciating pain had disappeared completely and I was at peace. The GCN programming my son and his wife installed for my wife and me had saved my life!

What is GCN?

GCN (The Global Christian Network) is a multi-language and multinational broadcasting system aimed at spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world through producing and transmitting a variety of high-quality programming including messages, God's power, testimonies, and praise.
GCN, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, can be viewed around the clock in the metropolitan New York area and parts of New Jersey on Channels 17 and 27, low power television stations in the region. GCN can also be viewed on the La Familia Cosmovision of the U.S., a cable network with a viewership of over 55 million people in 300 towns and cities in 38 states.
In Korea, GCN programming can be viewed around the clock via the NSS-6 satellite that serves the Far East with the installation of a transmitter (For questions concerning installation, please contact Manmin TV Broadcasting Team at +82 2 824 7107, 818 7369).

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