I have been healed of pulmonary tuberculosis by faith!

| Manmin News No. 114 | 2008-03-17

~ Sun-Kyo Park (Daejeon Manmin Church; 12th Grade Mission)

In April 2007, all the students at my school took a medical checkup and I was advised to undergo a more thorough exam at a hospital as I could possibly have pulmonary tuberculosis. A CT scan on Friday, May 4 revealed that although I did have pulmonary tuberculosis, as it could not ascertain whether or not the tuberculosis was active, doctors told me to give it some time to observe the progress. About a month later on Saturday, June 9, I was diagnosed with active pulmonary tuberculosis and told to undergo drug treatment for the following 6 months.
As I wanted to be healed not by drugs but by faith alone, I came up to Seoul on Friday, June 29 and received Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer. As I had seen countless people receive God's healing of all sorts of diseases, I thought all I needed to be healed was prayer. I had a surprise waiting for me, however. A CT scan on July 7 revealed that tuberculosis lesion had actually progressed further.
'Uh-oh…this is not right. What happened? Why haven't I been healed after receiving prayer?'
I was seized by fear. Coughs and occasional chest pains tormented me but the greater pain was in my heart. I began looking back at myself to figure out what was wrong. This is when I remembered having seen the things I should have not seen, done the things I should not have done, and gone to places from which I should have stayed away. Every chance I had, I saw violent movies about martial arts or organized crime, went to karaoke bars and computer gaming centers, and behaved inappropriately. There had even been times when I skipped Students' Services to hang out with friends.
I participated in "The Nationwide Students' Summer Retreat" and "The Meeting for the Sick" held at Manmin Prayer Center during the fourth week of July and the first week of August. After thoroughly repenting of all that I had done in God's sight, I became certain that I would be healed upon receiving the Senior Pastor's prayer.
After receiving his prayer again on Friday, August 3, another CT scan on August 16 revealed that the tuberculosis lesion had been markedly reduced.
Following an exam during a visit to the hospital on Saturday, January 12, 2008, I was told that I had been completely healed of pulmonary tuberculosis. Hallelujah!

1. Before healing (creation of pulmonary nodules leads to active pulmonary tuberculosis)
2. After healing (disappearance of pulmonary nodules)

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