"I Became a Big Fan of Muan Sweet Water after Being Healed of Many Diseases"

| Manmin News No. 532 | 2017-03-12

Sister Maya Devi, Delhi Manmin Church, India

In May 2016, my right thumb was itchy as if it was bitten by a mosquito. As I continued to scratch, the affected part formed pus and bled. I had great pain. At that time, it was very hot at 50 Celsius degree in India. Moreover, as power failure frequently happened, it was impossible to use the air conditioner and the fan. It caused skin diseases to become pandemic.

Even my shoulders were swollen and it caused me great pain. I could hardly move my right arm. I applied medicine and took painkillers but the symptoms got worse and worse.

I decided to receive healing from God and stopped taking medicine. I sprayed Muan Sweet Water on the affected areas. I received Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer for the sick recorded on my cell phone. Then, an amazing thing happened. The wound that seemed incurable was healed quickly and the pain and swelling were gone. In early June, it was completely healed.

My husband, Brother Sunil Kumar, was healed of a stomach disorder, and he no longer had nightmares that had troubled him. As he kept the Lord's Day holy, he received a great financial blessing. With grateful hearts for the grace of God, we joyfully volunteered in the church. Muan Sweet Water is my household medicine! My family members are all healthy without even having a cold or fever.

I give all thanks and glory to the God of love. And, I also give thanks to Senior Pastor who prayed for us.

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