"Happiness Has Finally Come to Me!"

| Manmin News No. 479 | 2016-02-21

Sister Zhoumanzhi with her husband, 62, Taiwan Manmin Church

My family used to be like a broken mirror. My husband made a lot of money, but we spent more than what he earned. So we had financial difficulties. It caused us to often have arguments. We ended up living separately. To make matters worse, my second daughter was suffering from depression so she slept during the day and played computer games during the night.

I felt like I was standing on the edge of a cliff. In the course of all this a woman suggested that I go to Taiwan Manmin Church. I did not want to, but I became curious when she said, "Once you come to the church once, you will not want to go to another church."

In November 2009, I went to Taiwan Manmin Church and I felt warmth there. Pastor Kyunghee Kim explained the basics of Christian faith and the Bible in detail based on Dr. Jaerock Lee's sermons such as "The Message of the Cross", "Spirit, Soul, and Body", and "Heaven". I was able to understand it well and came to taste the true faith.

In April 2011, my husband, who was living apart from me had a stroke. He could not walk well and he was inarticulate in his speech. I had to take care of him and make money, so I was getting weary in heart and body. Pastor Kim and the church members showed their love and care for me. It encouraged and comforted me.

They visited the hospital where my husband was hospitalized, and the male members came and treated him warmly. When I had a hard time and shed many tears, Pastor Kim consulted with me through the word of the truth.

I listened to Senior Pastor Dr. Lee's messages through GCN live broadcasting (www.gcntv.org) and began looking back upon myself. I repented that I had hated my husband and tried to forgive and love him from my heart. I went to church and prayed for my husband and my daughter with love day and night.

In March 2012, God started to answer my prayers. My daughter began to accompany me to the church, and two months later my husband was discharged from the hospital and started to go to church too. Moreover, he received grace from the message and he began to be healed through Senior Pastor's prayer for the sick. Now he can move freely and speak normally. Hallelujah!

My second daughter was also healed of depression, so now she is working diligently and praying. She also volunteers in the church. Now I don't have any worries about my family. I am full of God-given grace and love such that I cannot believe this kind of happiness has come to me.

I give all thanks and glory to God who renewed and healed my family members and let us have hope for beautiful Heaven.

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