"I Had No Hope to Live, but I Am Hopeful with the Lord's Love"

| Manmin News No. 439 | 2015-05-17

Senior Deaconess Myungsun Ryu, age 54, Parish 12, South Korea

Senior Deaconess Myungsun Ryu with Senior Deaconess Odeok Noh, her mother-in-law, Elder Kyosung Jin, her husband, and her son Deacon Hanyoung Jin and his wife Deaconess Yuri Choi

I was born in a family that was influenced heavily by Confucianism. I was so weak that I reached the threshold of death many times. So it was not until I turned nine that I was listed on the family register. I was often absent from elementary school so I barely graduated. I wanted to be able to hang out with my friends running and having fun, but during P.E. class, I was left in classroom. After the graduation from high school I started to work. At that time, I digested food only with digestive medicine.

In 1985, I got married to a man who was his family's first son. I had to serve his nine family members. I made lunchboxes even for my brothers-in-law, and worked all day. I was weary and tired. I began to harbor uncomfortable feelings in my heart towards my parents-in-law. It led to insomnia and depression. I attempted suicide three times.

Fortunately, in August 1988, I was guided to Manmin Central Church by a co-worker of my husband. When I listened to Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's sermon, true peace came and joy sprang up. I was healed of insomnia and depression by Dr. Lee's prayer. Even anemia and the digestive disorders were gone. I had also become out of breath going up the stairs due to kidney and heart problems, but these symptoms also disappeared. Hallelujah!

Following year, I became a cell leader, then sub-district and district leader. I was happy to lead a Christian life. I tried to serve my parents-in-law well and prayed to guide brothers-in-law to church. Finally all my family members registered and attended our church. I thought I had worked faithfully with the duties for around 20 years. But in Leadership Conference held in July 2011, I realized that my faithfulness was not spiritual. This is because I had neglected the sanctification of my heart, that is, to achieve the Lord's heart.

So, I started to discover untruths in my heart and tried to cast them away. I checked my heart every day and fasted and prayed. I also took memos in my notebooks named "Sanctification" and "Thanksgiving". I threw away those things of the untruthful heart and offered up a thankful heart to God.

In November 2013, I began living with and serving my mother-in-law who had been alone after my father-in-law passed away. One day, I felt uncomfortable toward her. I repented thoroughly and I prayed to have spiritual love. Then I heard the Holy Spirit's voice saying, "Thanks to your mother-in-law, you met your husband. Thanks to him, you met this church where you were healed both in spirit and body." From then, my heart became full of thanks. And I came to love and serve her with my heart and joy.

In April, 2014, I was blessed to achieve the heart of spirit, and my father received salvation.

My father had led ancestral rites in robes and a hat made for the rites. But on his sick bed, he read Senior Pastor's book The Message of the Cross and listened to his sermon tapes. Through them, he was given faith. He repented saying, "God! Forgive me. I did wrong one hundred times and a thousand times. I did not know You. I want to believe Jesus and go to Heaven." After he received Senior Pastor's prayer, he had no pain. Meantime, he saw Heaven with his spiritual eyes open and passed away.

In 2015, I am now the Administrator of Women's District Leaders' Association. I think of God's love who considers a soul more precious than the whole world, and try to lead many souls to salvation. I give all thanks and glory to God who came to me and blessed me when I had no hope due to diseases and difficulties in life.

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