"I am free from a nervous breakdown and depression!"

| Manmin News No. 415 | 2014-11-30

Deaconess Jungkeum Lee (age 61) with her husband Deacon Dongjo Ji, Miryang Manmin Church, Korea

I accepted Jesus Christ in China in 2000 but I was not dependent on God. So I still suffered from many problems. I began to be troubled by nervous breakdowns and depression five years ago. I had high blood pressure and angina as well. Though I took medicine for depression it just weakened the symptom but didn't improve my state. I was in serious pain.

In December 2002, I moved to Korea. I went to several churches but no message there touched my heart. I prayed that I could find a church that follows the will of God and looked for one.

In September 2005, I was guided by an acquaintance to Miryang Manmin Church that is ministered to by Pastor Taekyu Mun. There I saw Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's powerful works and came to have hope for healing of my diseases with faith. However, if I skipped taking medicine; my heartbeat speeded up, I got a headache and a fever, and I felt like beating something, hitting my head on something, and running here and there on impulse. I wasn't able to handle it with my faith.

In August 2014, I took part in Manmin Summer Retreat 2014. During the divine healing meeting following the first night seminar, many people recovered eyesight and came to get up from wheelchairs and walk by Dr. Lee's prayer. I watched them and felt sorry before God for not having been healed though in such great works.

I thought, 'The power of the shepherd has healed many people of their diseases. Now it's my time to show faith.' I made up my mind and repented that I had worshiped idols before knowing the truth and I hadn't lived by the Word even after accepting the Lord. Then I stopped taking the medicine. And I became nervous and pain followed. But I tried to surmount it by prayer and faith.

On the seventh day, I met with the toughest moment. I read the Bible, praised, and listened to sermons, but I couldn't control it. While I was rolling all over my room with no control over it, Dr. Lee flashed through my mind who interceded for us with tears.

I prayed to God earnestly in heart, saying, "I will surely overcome it. Help me!" Then I felt something mounting up through my veins from both sides of my head up to my forehead. I thought, 'What's happening?' At the right moment, the things met and bumped each other and made a sound, 'Bang'. It felt like bursting.

And I felt refreshed and cool without a headache. Tears unceasingly flowed down from my eyes. Thereafter, an uneasy feeling was gone and I became peaceful and positive. I came to have confidence that I can do everything.

Many people around me said that I came to look younger and better than before. I am so thankful to God. Darkness was gone and now I am very happy in the Lord-given peace. Hallelujah!

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