"I was healed of depression and recovered my ability to hear"

| Manmin News No. 366 | 2013-12-22

Deaconess Malhee Park (aged 61, 2-19 Parish in South Korea)

It was not until I attended church for 20 years that I realized the Lord's love and experienced the Spirit. But it was also momentary, and I soon lost the fullness of the Spirit.
At that time, my husband drank much alcohol due to the failure in his business and my first daughter moved to the U.S. after marriage, so I did not have anyone to rely on. Moreover, we often moved from place to place. Because of the negativity of my personality I did not talk to my husband, which resulted in depression. I just wanted to die.
In the meantime, I visited big churches thinking of the reasons why the words of the blessing in the Bible did not apply to my life. I read many best-sellers related to faith and tried to find the answer. But even such things could not fill my empty heart.
Finally I heard about Manmin Central Church from my sister's friend, Senior Deaconess Boksoon Choi, and I felt like I could live if I went to the church.

I was set free from depression after meeting the true shepherd

In October, 2004, I was greatly moved in the first service of Manmin Central Church. Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's message entailed the perfect trust and faith in God and his fervent love for the Lord. Delivering the love of the Lord, he shed tears of emotion. His humbleness and graceful attitude impressed me a lot.
Afterwards, I read his testimonial memoirs Tasting Eternal Life before Death and came to understand faith. Reading The Measure of Faith, I could check my level of faith. I could understand why the words of blessing in the Bible could not become mine. I became joyful and filled with the Spirit. I was happy coming to awareness and understanding of the Word of God through sermons and now leading my life of faith. The depression disappeared without me even realizing when.

After 30 years, I experienced the power of recovering ability to hear

I felt excitement in attending Daniel Prayer Meeting held every night. I became my small group leader and worked joyfully. In the meantime, I was healed of frozen shoulders and my hair became thick. Also, my left ear that had been deafened, recovered hearing ability.
Around 30 years ago, I had my left ear drum ruptured due to extreme shock. The hospital recommended me to have artificial tympanum inserted into my ear, but since I did not have any desire to live I did not have the operation. When the water entered ears and when I was tired, I suffered from otitis media. After I attended Manmin, I was healed of it. But I could not hear well with my left ear, so I constantly received prayer for the sick.
In June, 2013, I was doing house work in the kitchen. All of a sudden I heard loud sound from my left ear! I was so surprised and checked it once again with my cell phone on my left ear. I could hear sound clearly from the ear! I could hear even better after receiving Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer on the first day of Manmin Summer Retreat held in early August in 2013. It was like a dream.
I give all thanks and glory to God who guided me to meet the living God through the true shepherd, experience the love of the Lord, and lead a happy Christian life.

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