"I repented of my lukewarm faith and recovered my first love"

| Manmin News No. 335 | 2013-05-19

Sister Maria Chung (1st Young Adults' Mission)

A great change was brought to my Christian life when I was a 12th grader. It happened when Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee led the Mini Divine Healing Crusade for students after Sunday Evening Services.
He lamented that many students were getting stained with sin and evil in the world. He told us not to commit sins and emphasized the existence of Heaven and Hell. And he urged us to love God and become sanctified. He earnestly delivered the love of God and the Lord, and he planted hope for Heaven in our hearts.
Moreover, he unsparingly supported students in need with financial assistance so that they could pay for tuition fees or buy textbooks or notebooks and other necessities. We students felt his love profoundly and started to be changed.
Since I had a dream of serving the Lord as a Korean musical instrument player and I was preparing to enter Korean traditional music department in college, I, with embarrassment, also asked for the haegeum which is a traditional Korean string instrument, resembling a fiddle. Dr. Lee was willing to pay for it. Then, I studied earnestly to repay his grace and I was accepted by the Department of Korean Traditional Music in Yongin University.
In February, 2012, odd symptoms started to appear in my health. I started to cough a lot and even coughed blood. My medical check revealed that I had tuberculosis. In astonishment, I thoroughly looked back upon my past life and repented. I realized I had had lukewarm faith, had not loved God with fervor, and had kept the attachment to the worldly things. I prayed in Daniel Prayer Meeting every night repenting that I had loved the world more than God the Father, I had not loved my family, and I sometimes had not given thanks.
Afterwards, I came to feel the deep love of God and longed for spiritual things all the more. I shed a lot of tears. Then, I stopped coughing and vomiting blood. And I came to eat well. After I received Dr. Lee's prayer tuberculosis bacillus were no longer detected and I fully recovered. Hallelujah!
I had discovered my shortcomings in heart and thought about things that I had not taken seriously. I also experienced the love of the Lord who was crucified for me. I give thanks to Dr. Lee who prayed for me with power.

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