I experienced the power of God listening to sermon tapes

| Manmin News No. 327 | 2013-03-24

Senior Deaconess Soonsun Choi (Miryang Manmin Church, South Korea)

After giving birth to my first child, I spent days in agony due to post-natal depression, heart disease, low weight, and severely low blood pressure. Additionally, I married my husband who had been born into Buddhist family, so I stopped going to church although I had attended church since early childhood.

My mother-in-law often took sorcerers and had them perform exorcisms whenever something bad happened, even when my children caught a cold. However, I had a desire to go to church again someday, so I didn't join her when she went to the Buddhist temple and she prepared the exorcism.

When I was a middle school student, my nose had got a crook in it while playing with friends. Since then, I had got sinus infections and rhinitis. In March, 1993, I ended up having an operation. The after-effects of the operation followed me; I found it hard for me to breathe and I had earaches. It caused me to have difficulty sleeping. To make matters worse, I heard that my father had been diagnosed with the final stage of liver cancer. He became 'poor in spirit' and came to church. In June, 1993, he earnestly asked me to pray for him in church.

I was healed of all kinds of diseases and achieved family evangelism

In July, 1993, Senior Deaconess Sookhyun Kah of Miryang Manmin Church, who was a regular customer for my home fashion store, came to the store. Right then, she told me to go to her church and gave me Dr. Jaerock Lee's sermon tapes entitled "Sin, Righteousness, and Judgment". This served as a chance for me to attend Miryang Manmin Church and I started to listen to sermon tapes.

The messages in the sermons brought big changes in my life. It was very touching to hear about Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's testimony about meeting the living God. He had suffered many diseases for seven years. I learned that diseases, trials, and afflictions come when we don't live by the Word of God, and when we live according to the Word of God we can enjoy good health and blessings. After one of his sermons, his prayer for the sick was coming out from the tape. I received the prayer and I thoroughly repented that I had dwelled in sins. At the moment, the fire of the Spirit came upon me and I became hot from head to toe. At the same time, a cool breeze was coming into my nose and the symptoms of difficulty in breathing and earaches disappeared. Not long after I was healed of heart disease, depression, insomnia, and low blood pressure. Hallelujah!

I came to lead a happy Christian life after meeting the living God. But my parents-in-law felt displeased with me. I could understand their hearts so I served them wholeheartedly with a smile. I not only worked diligently in my store but also did my chores very well.

God accepted such deeds of mine and blessed my family to be evangelized, from my husband, my mother-in-law to my father-in-law. My mother-in-law received the blessing of her back being straightened out and my father-in-law was healed of arthritis.

I experienced the hands of power with a desire to become a good and faithful worker

With a thankful heart for the love of God, I diligently performed my God-given duties as a leader of Beautification Department and Evangelization Department and as a district leader. But at some point, I realized that I had neglected accomplishing the heart of the Lord, that is, I neglected the circumcision of the heart which is the most important thing.

On December 12, 2012, I fell from a ladder while decorating the church for Christmas. My CT scan revealed that my nasal bone was fractured and twisted, and the middle of my nose collapsed so I had to get operation. But I had faith that I would be healed by the prayer of Dr. Lee so I didn't have the operation.

At the right time, Pastor Taekyu Moon of Miryang Manmin Church went to Manmin Central Church in Seoul to attend its Friday All-night Service. Then, he received Dr. Lee's prayer for me, recorded it on his mobile phone and gave it to me.

Hearing Dr. Lee's voice and his detailed prayer, I burst out into tears. For a brief moment I felt like I was shocked by electricity and I was healed. The swelling also subsided. The broken part, that had been crooked and protruded, became normal after I received Dr. Lee's prayer of blessings in the 2013 New Year's Service. Now the people around me say that my nose has become more beautiful and prominent.

In this accident, I repented that I had complained about other workers who didn't seem to be faithful while I thought that I was. I also realized deeply that God wants us to fulfill our duties resembling the Lord. I give all thanks and glory to God who has guided me to the way of blessing through the experience of power in God's delicate love.

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