"Healing of Depression and Many Diseases, It Made Me Exhilarated"

| Manmin News No. 312 | 2012-11-25

Deaconess Soonhee Son and her family (2-19 Parish)

One day in December 2011, all of a sudden I started having a choking sensation and the symptoms continued. I sometimes felt pain on the solar plexus. The medical test showed that I had reflux esophagitis. I started to eat liquid food and take medication, but they didn't work. I couldn't eat properly, so day by day I lost more weight. In August, 2012, I came to know I had lost 10kg (around 22lb) and I became lethargic. When I even lost my appetite, fear was growing in me.

Would I die this way? I thought. I attended church, but I didn't think that I lived by the Word of God. So I couldn't shake off my anxiety. Afterwards, negative thoughts kept arising in me.

I even felt lonely and unhappy about my marriage because my husband was often away because of his work. I thought about divorce. Negative thoughts came to me continually when I was alone and one negative thought was followed by another negative thought. I felt so extremely nervous that my whole body was shaking.

My husband noticed my unusual condition and he was in surprise. And every morning, he put everything aside and drove me to Manmin Prayer Center's meeting. I listened to the message and repented. "God! I didn't lead a proper Christian life. Spare my life, please! I can't just go like this and leave my child behind. I want to give glory to God by being healed."

But the answer didn't come right away. In early September 2012, I was diagnosed with depression that accompanied anxiety disorder. At last, I began to look back upon myself thoroughly and realized that my past Christian life was wrong.

I had hated people around me, and slandered, judged, and condemned others. I had not worshiped in spirit and truth, and I had skipped prayer meetings to watch dramas on TV. These things flashed through my mind. I thoroughly repented for a whole week, shedding tears with a runny nose.

Then, when he came from his mountain prayer house, I received Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer three times in total. On September 21, 2012, before Friday All-night Service, I received his prayer for the sick from the altar together with many members. After the prayer, I was free from the anxiety disorder to some degree and I ate better than before.

On September 28, Dr. Lee advised me, "You must not see, hear, and speak what you must not see, hear, and speak." And he prayed for me for the second time. I engraved his word in my heart once again, and then the fear and anxiety disappeared completely. On October 7, I received his prayer for the third time. Then, peace and joy came down to me from above. I became exhilarated! Hallelujah!

I was also healed of reflux esophagitis and gained weight. Additionally, I was healed of pollakisuria, herniated lumbar disc, phlegm, menstrual pain, and headache. Also, I had had blood-shot eyes when I was tired or ate chicken. But this symptom was also gone. What is more grateful is that my husband came back to church after an 11-year hiatus.

These days, I have a positive way of thinking and thoughts of goodness, so I am very happy. With my thankful heart, I have spread Manmin News diligently. I give all thanks and glory to God who renewed me and answered me.

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