I Give Thanks to Father God who Wants Children with No Spot

| Manmin News No. 286 | 2012-05-20

Deaconess Taeyung Kim (1-2 Parish, 2-1 Women's Mission)

I was diagnosed with tuberculosis pleural inflammation, so I was shocked by it. But I believed that God was giving me an opportunity to look back upon my past Christian life. Feeling the heart of Father God who wants to have perfect children with no wall of sins, I gave prayers of thanksgiving to God.

I started to find what I was short of in my Christian life and offered prayers of repentance. I repented that I didn't cherish all my duties as a wife, a child, a parent, and a Christian. I hadn't worked faithfully and I prayed with excuses because of my busy schedule and for my outbursts of anger and irritation that came out.

I wanted to receive healing with faith because I trusted the love of the Lord who shed blood on the cross for me and Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee's power that I had seen. I went to Dr. Lee and talked about my disease and asked him to pray for me. He gave an example of King David in the Old Testament Time. With a bright smile, he let me realize that it was the love of Father God who wants to lead me to New Jerusalem, the best dwelling place in Heaven.

I was so happy feeling God's love. Right after I received his prayer, I stopped coughing. I had coughed a lot before, but the symptom disappeared completely. I also had had no strength. I couldn't walk fast and my vision had grown dim. All the symptoms vanished. Pain in my sides also were relieved little by little. I was a little tired sometimes, but I also believed that I had been healed of tiredness and I just continued trying to serve others while thinking of the shepherd's love.

Since I believed God's love and power and acted in faith, I felt amazingly better. As I prayed without ceasing, endeavored to live by God's Word, and tried my best to fulfill my God-given duties, all the symptoms were quickly cured. I had a check-up again. The result showed that I was completely healed. I give all thanks and glory to Father God and my beloved Lord. I also extend my thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee who prayed for me with love and power. Hallelujah!

Her chest

1. A lot of chest exudation
2. No chest exudation, clean

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