The Pakistani Girl Was Revived after Dr. Lee Prayed on Her Picture. Now 13 years have passed. How Is She Doing?

| Manmin News No. 254 | 2011-10-02

In John Chapter 4, there is a story of a royal officer who asked Jesus to save his son, who was on the doorstep of death. Jesus didn't go to his place, but saved him on the spot with just His word. God who is the same yesterday and today has been manifesting such works of power even now. Celebrating the 500th Manmin News in Korean, we will cover the story of a girl in Pakistan whose life was changed dramatically. She also came to life while on the threshold of death through Dr. Lee's prayer transcending space and time. We give thanks and glory to God.

Serish Cynthia (Lahore Manmin Church, Pakistan)

1. Cynthia, who was complaining of severe pain, had no chance to recover even with surgery because of celiac disease and colon obstruction
2. Dr. Jaerock Lee was praying on her picture
3. Cynthia and her family after she was healed
4. Cynthia has grown up healthy and is now studying medicine in college.

She weighed 11kg at the age of seven…

It was the mid June 1999. It was very hot summer night. Serish Cynthia, the seven-year-old girl vomited. When Pastor Wilson John Gil, her father in Lahore Manmin Church prayed for her, it seemed that she had recovered to normal. But before long she had diarrhea. Her condition had gotten worse and her stool looked green and bloody. Eventually she couldn't even go to bathroom anymore. Her abdomen was swollen and she complained of severe pain.

She was rushed to Lacid Hospital. After various examinations, it turned out that she had an obstruction of the colon and celiac disease which damaged her small intestine because of an allergic reaction to gluten that is in grains like barely. She was in an extremely critical point in time. Her doctor told her there would be no possibility of life if she did not get operation. Since she weighed only 11kg, there was a slim chance for her to recover even with surgery.

However, the only hope was only in the Lord. Since Pastor Wilson John Gil had seen the power of God manifested through Dr. Jaerock Lee, he had faith that his daughter would be healed by his prayer.

Three days after Dr. Lee prayed on her picture, she was released from the hospital

He took a video of his daughter who was dying and gave it to another daughter, Maria. Maria planned to visit Korea to increase her faith and study Korean just in time. She went to Dr. Lee with the picture of her sister after arriving in South Korea.

On July 23, 1999, it was 10:50 P.M. Seoul Time. She received his prayer right before Friday All-night Service. From that moment, Cynthia began to recover (7:50 P.M. Pakistan Time). Her doctors were amazed.

She was supposed to stay in the hospital for a month even though she was dying. But she was able to be discharged from the hospital just three days after the prayer.

Day by day she was recovering quickly. On September 9, Pastor Taesik Gil, who had visited Pakistan for a mission trip, prayed for her once more with the handkerchief on which Dr. Lee had prayed (Ref: Acts 19:11-12). Then, she came to walk on her own.

Cynthia who is called the "girl of the miracle"

Since that time she has never taken medicine and keeps in excellent condition. She is now called the 'girl of the miracle' in Pakistan. Her father offered the following profession:

"Our church experienced great revival after Cynthia miraculously recovered. My family members and believers also give thanks to Dr. Jaerock Lee who prayed transcending space and time. We want to give glory and thanks to God who sent us the man of God, Senior Pastor Dr. Jaerock Lee."

She's heard about her healing from her family and church members. It has firmed up the growth of her faith. She thanked God who gave her new life and made up her mind to repay the grace of God. She is waiting for the day when she gives thanks to Dr. Lee in person.

She has increased her faith though GCN programming such as Dr. Lee's sermons, testimonies, and praises. In particular, she received so much grace through the sermon 'The Message of the Cross' and learned the way of salvation. She used to be introverted, but now she is giving glory to God with special praise and testimonies in church events. She also reads Manmin News and prays without ceasing.

To become a doctor who spreads the power of God

She has a clear vision in her heart that cannot be thwarted by anyone. She wants to be a doctor that spreads the power of God. Something happened in 2005 that caused her to have the vision. It was just before the 2nd International Christian Medical Conference that was hosted by WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network) in Chennai, India.

Her father asked the doctor who had formerly been responsible for her treatment to attend the conference and let the attendees know the power of God. However, the doctor, who was Muslim, turned him down. After Cynthia realized this, she made up her mind to become a doctor and spread the power of God to countless doctors in the following of the WCDN conference.

To achieve her goal, she has diligently studied English, which is the international language and she is now a fluent English speaker. She was accepted by the Defense Degree College for Women which is one of the nation's elite colleges in Lahore, Pakistan. She is sophomore and now studying medicine.

She confessed, "It has been 13 years since I gained a new life, yet I still renew my heart and faith whenever I think about what I experienced. I give thanks to Dr. Lee who let me see and feel the love and power of God. As a living witness I will become a doctor who spreads the powerful works of God."

We give all thanks and glory to Father God hoping that His power will be spread all over the world through Cynthia.

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