My Family Has Restored Peace and Joy by the Power of God!

| Manmin News No. 188 | 2010-06-20

Sister Jang (China)

I was a soccer player. In the end of 2003, during the winter practice I had my knee ruptured and couldn't bend the knee.
I received medical treatments at the rehabilitation hospital, but later my knee was ruptured once again. Finally I was diagnosed with chronic rupture of knee joints. I received all kinds of treatments in vain, including Chinese herbal medicines, surgical treatment and electrotherapy.
The X-ray pictures taken in April of 2004 showed two small bones were protruded out at the knee joint. The doctor said it was impossible to recover because the two protrusions came from the knee joint, and also warned me that I might have to rely on a wheelchair in the worst condition.
This unbelievable problem happened to me when I was 17 years old, so I was so shocked. To make matters worse, I was stricken with chronic dermatitis named 'psoriasis.' Two months after dermatitis occurred to me, my whole body, except for the face, was covered with red spots and looked ugly. I relied on various medications in vain. My mother who had first come to believe advised me to quit taking medicines but instead to pray to God. One day a missionary commissioned by Manmin Central Church called me and told me the same word that my mother had said to me. And then the missionary prayed for me on the phone and I became assured that I would be healed.
I sprayed Muan sweet water onto my whole body and prayed. Two days later a miracle happened to me. All symptoms of psoriasis were gone and my skin was recovered to normal. A few days later the missionary visited me and prayed for me with the handkerchief Dr. Jaerock Lee had prayed on (Acts 19:11-12). Soon the protruded bones were healed and everything was restored.
The thing that is counted as unbelievable within human thought took place as a reality. As a result, many relatives came to believe in God.
In the end of 2009, my sister suffered severe dermatitis on her neck. At first we considered it as a kind of light skin trouble, but as time went by, severe symptoms of suppuration began to appear. She suffered severe itchiness and couldn't sleep properly. While sleeping, she scratched the itchy parts and pus and blood oozed out. Her pillow often became stained with blood and pus. So, she went to bed with her hands bound with a cord.
The suppuration worsened, and small and red abscess began to develop on the face, back, hands and the neck. With the passage of time, abscess became bigger and festered, and pus oozed out. This infected all the parts of her body that pus touched. She went to a skin disease clinic for the exact evaluation, but the doctors couldn't discover the exact cause and disease name and warned my sister that her skin disease would cover her whole body and threat her life without receiving quick medications. But our family had no worry but relied on God and prayed in agreement.
And we sent our prayer request to Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church and received his prayer transcending time and space. What an amazing thing it was! After he prayed, purulent inflammation and red spots disappeared and she was completely healed. Hallelujah!

Through Dr. Jaerock Lee's time-and-space-transcending prayer my sister was completely of her skin disease!

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